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This Wiki is an ever-changing medium which provides deeper information on my works. At the same time it has the function of a tool under construction for these works. Please feel free to click here the SITEMAP to get an index. Also the pen icon up right will provide an overview. Feel also free to use the comments section below on this page (I'm sorry, maybe it's currently unavailable) or forward an e-mail.

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Pop Punk Politik - Die 1980er Jahre in München

Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus (Munich)

The exhibition is dedicated to a young, diverse literature in Munich in the 1980s. Text, medium, message and attitude are closely interwoven. Pop and punk playfully deconstruct the bourgeois media world. Radical aesthetics become a means of expression political claims. The gay movement's ActUp against the rigid AIDS policies, as well as the commitment of the women/lesbian movement for self-determined spaces, are indispensable to this “founding period” of new social and urban movements. The decade also includes the struggle for an own public sphere and against the criminalization of grasroot alternatives.

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That Was Way Back

2. Internationale Schlepper- und Schleusertagung / 2nd International Conference on Migration Brokerage (ISS)

Kammerspiele (Munich City Theater) - in the framework of Open Border Kongress

 Austrian Subway Tabloid

Review (German)

For the 1st International Conference on Migration Brokerage in Graz (Austria) 2003, please visit the Trade Association for Smuggling People - schleuser.net

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