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This Wiki is an ever-changing medium which provides deeper information on my works. At the same time it has the function of a tool under construction for these works. Please feel free to click the SITEMAP button (up right). Feel also free to use the comments section on this page (I'm sorry, it's currently unavailable) or forward an e-mail. A current and brief artist's CV you will get here.



kammerspiele munich - in the framework of munich welcome theater

 Austrian Subway Tabloid

for the 1st international conference on migration brokerage in graz (austria) 2003, please visit the trade association for smuggling people -


Last event:

double road

a lecture-performance with masala sticks and tulsi tea about the cultural exchange between munich and bangalore

artists-in-residence: beate engl, christian engelmann, max erbacher, fabian hesse und ralf homann

april 15 2015, 7 p.m. cet

kunstraum (munich)


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