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Experimental Radio


The artistic practice of Experimental Radio included contemporary radio drama and media art, artistic radio features and sculptural versatile forms such as sound installations as well as artistic strategies of action, intervention, and cooperative work. Concerning the development of new technologies, Experimental Radio focused also on internet radio, streaming media, and novel transmission paths in the context of Open Source software and Wireless Culture.

I set up Experimental Radio when in 1999 I was appointed to Bauhaus-University and moved to Weimar, Thuringia. With my research and artistic practice I achieved the artistic tool Radio Station.

In 2007 the Experimental Radio was adapted to conventional German radio. Current address

Studio B11

Studio B11 was the first title of the Experimental Radio program at Bauhaus-University. The studio for that program was located in the Faculty of Media headquarters, called B11 after its street address Bauhausstr. 11.

 Sound OB Van - imaginary, because we used mobile streaming equipment


radiostudio.org was a collaborative platform for radio art and radio related netart and activism.

 Screenshot radiostudio.org  Screenshot radiostudio.org

As a brief documentary may operate archived platform radiostudio.org

If link above won't work retry: radiostudio.org

See also the draft which may achieve a feasible radiostudio.org follow-up.


bauhaus.fm was a collaboration between the Experimental Radio and the Bauhaus-University Student's Council to operate a joint staff for a college radio. bauhaus.fm was also the title of the whole Monday evening broadcast of the Experimental Radio on local FM 106,6 and via webstream http://bauhaus.fm.

 Logos bauhaus.fm - College Radio of the Bauhaus-University Weimar

Former Staff

* Ralf Homann, Prof

* Harv Stanic, Artistic Assistant

* Mario Weise, Grad Research Assistant

* Frank Thomas, Technical Support

Lecturers (from the scratch)

To arrange the new area at Bauhaus-University, I started and fostered cooperations with artists, theorists, journalists and practitioners in the area of radio, art, music/sound and digital media:

* Tetsuo Kogawa, Tokio

* Geert Lovink, Amsterdam

* Ulrike Ebenbeck, Munich

* Barbara Schäfer, Munich

* Ulrike Haage, Berlin

* David Moufang, Heidelberg

* Gerome Joy, Nice

* Lloyd Dunn, Prague

* Toek, Amsterdam

* Joshepine Bosma, Amsterdam

* ASCII, Amsterdam

* Heath Bunting, Bristol

* Cornelia Sollfrank, Hamburg

* Laurence Rassel, Brussels

* Sasker Scheerder, Amsterdam

* Patrice Riemens, Amsterdam

* Jan Heiermann, Munich

* Indymedia, Leipzig

* neuroTransmitter, New York

* Elisabeth Zimmermann, Vienna

* Michael Bartle, Munich

* Jochen Becker, Berlin

* Micz Floor, Berlin

* Mareike Maage, Tokio/Weimar

* Christina Schmitz-Riol, Weimar

* Harms Achtergarde, Weimar

Selected Projects and References

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