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This logfile accompanies my residence in Bengaluru hosted by http://maraa.in/ in the framework of the BangaloREsidency 2014 "Deepa".

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November 2 2014

 guided tour bus

November 8 2014

 at counter culture - garden

November 15 2014


November 22 2014

 my workstation at maraa's

December 11 2014

 at vivek nagar bus station

December 15 2014

 a part of kochi harbor, view from aspinwall house

December 21 2014

 my landmark

December 28 2014

 lazy saturday

January 2 2014

 e.g. pura main rd - my shopping street

January 3 2015

 ejipura main road - before leaving bangalore

January 7 2015

 gokarna - ganga beach

January 14 2015

 mangalore - old harbor

January 21 2015

 bangalore express

January 28 2015

 arrival in germany

First Domicile

 This is the house  This is my space  This is my space  This is the kitchen  The view from the balcony  This is the street

First Neighborhood (Domlur)

 The Western neighborhood  The Eastern Neighborhood  The convenience store  My first South Indian Fastfood  My cell phone antenna  The nearby holy cow The Landmark: Domlur Flyover  Commuting at Inner Ring Road ISRO Quarters Bus Stop  Center of Neighborhood

The First Three Days

 En Route  First Pause Jagriti Theatre Bangalore  Jagriti Theatre Bangalore Jagriti Theatre Bangalore  Lunch at Counter Culture  Vishwaraj Mohan and Guru Somayaji at Counter Culture Art Park  S.G. Vasudev at Art Park / Sculpture Garden Traffic Sign  Freeze 2014  Freeze 2014  The Times of India Theatre Festival  The Times of India Theatre Festival  Lunch at 1ShantiRoad  1Shantiroad - Piece  Sunil Abraham  Centre for Internet and Society Bangalore  Galleryskye  Galleryskye  Galleryskye   Galleryskye - Art Piece  Galleryskye  Tasveer Gallery  Christopher Taylor  Nathaniel Gaskell at Tasveer Gallery  Indien Art  Indien Art  Sua House Entrance  Sua House Reception  Bangalore  Harsha Vinay at National Gallery of Modern Art  National Gallery of Modern Art  Tree  Freedom Park  Soumitro Ghosh  The former colonial prison - non-digital  Stairway to Freedom  Freedom Park Gallery  Fredom Park Vistors  Freedom Park  Water Colors  Barrack for 100 Prisoners  Icecream  Surekha  Rangoli Metro Art Centre  The Deepa Thing

Commuting to the Host

 Commuting  100 Feet Road - KFC Juncsh  Connectivity  Passing by Max Mueller Bhavan  Next Junction  Short Pause  Men at Work  The Tree  4th Cross  The House  On the left-hand side after the entrance  The Eastern Neighborhood  The Western Neighborhood  The Kitchen  The Balcony  A Window  First preparations  My teammates  Made the first move  Maraa

At Maraa's

i_indien_001.jpg i_indien_005.jpg

New Domicile

 It's the third floor  The Living Room  The Kitchen  The Stove  Some Cups  The Shower  Warm Water  The Bedroom  The Dressing Table  The Cooler  Cell Antenna  Prospect (Kitchen)  Prospect (Kitchen)  The Neigbor's Roof (Kitchen)  Prospect (Kitchen)  The Tree (Kitchen) The Tree (Living Room)  Neighbor's Roof (Living Room)  My Morning Alarm Clock (Living Room)  The Neighbors at Work (Living Room)  First Advent

New Neighborhood (Vivek Nagar)

 The Street  At the Corner  At the Corner  The Major Street  The Major Street  The Landmark  Greengrocery  Supermarket  Round the Corner  Building Area  On the way home  The Street  Near the house  The Neighbor's Kids

Trip to Kochi (Kerala)

to the opening of the 2nd Kochi Muziris Biennale 2014

 Arrival  The Hotel  Boat Ride to the Bienniale  Boat Ride to the Bienniale  Boat Ride to the Bienniale

 Set out for the Bienniale  En route to the bienniale  En route to the biennale  En route to the biennale  St. Thomas? Syrian? Catholic?  It's not the church with Vasco de Gama's epitaph  En route to the bienniale  En route to the bienniale

 First stop: A collatoral event of the bienniale

 The scenic view from the bienniale's main venue  A work by Navin Thomas at the Kochi Muziris Biennale

 Set out for the hotel  The hotel garden  A scenic view from my hotel balcony  A scenic view from my hotel balcony

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