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Gruppe Audionomix

Collaboration with Dieter Sitzmann. We formed the group in the mid-80s by sticking a manifesto on the streets in the neighborhood of the Munich Art Academy. Gruppe Audionomix fostered media activism with a focus on art and sound.

 Alle A. in der Aalfabrik, Dachau

Free Class of Munich - Freie Klasse München

 Freie Klasse Rettet Europa - The Free Class Rescues Europe!

Collaboration with Thomas Demand (till 1994) Wolfgang Groh, Hermann Hiller, Wilhelm Koch, Gottfried Weber-Jobe et al.

Homepage of the Free Class of Munich

For further information about the movement of the Free Classes, please see: Wikipedia: Freie Klasse (German).


Hermann Hiller and I started the JOUR FIX 1991 - a series of quick, not fixed, shows - just the opening without staging an ongoing exhibition. The invitation was regularly made by stamped file cards, the locations were floating from cold cellars, nice gardens, bars, hotel suites to art spaces and back, and also the issues were changing, yet mostly performatively dealing with the current space we used. JOUR FIX was an open project with a lot of contributors and supporters. JOUR FIX intended to collaborate with different areas: artists, architects, urban researchers and other theorists, actors, bartenders, musicians and DJs or political activists.

 JOUR FIX - invitation stamps

No One Is Illegal - kein mensch ist illegal

In the mid-90s i got involved in the group [ueber die grenze], later called [Cross the Border], which was fostering activities against racism.

 [Cross the Border]: Public Performance on Munich's Marienplatz - against racist regulations concerning asylum seekers: Public Hearing  [Cross the Border]: Public Performance on Munich's Marienplatz - against racist regulations concerning asylum seekers: Public-opinion poll

kein mensch ist illegal - No One Is Illegal was started at the Hybrid Workspace of documenta X, where [Cross the Border] set up first infrastructures together with other activists and artists from German cities, from abroad, especially French Sans Papiers: Mailing-list, video, radio, exhibitions. In the Kassel Orangery we also released the Appeal No One Is Illegal.

 Start of no one is illegal at documentaX

kein mensch ist illegal - No One Is Illegal merged the opportunities of esthetic operations with political activism and the ideas of the open source movement. The campaign had no headquarters, but from time to time federal meetings with open access. In the end-90s the federal meetings were together with the federal meetings of the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants

 Federal Meeting of No One Is Illegal at Academy of Fine Arts in Munich 1999

We also started a series of (no) border camps and discussed the boundaries of art and politics in some shows:

 Grenzcamp - (No) Border Camp Rothenburg 1998  (No) Border Camp Rothenburg 1998 CampRadio

 Wintercamp, Mille Plateau, Volksbuehne, Berlin 1999

 Die Kunst der Kampagne - The Art of Campaining, Oberwelt, Stuttgart

For further information please see Wikipedia: kein mensch ist illegal - no one is illegal (German version) - For English version, please click: Wikipedia: no border network.


I started schleuser.net first as schlepper.com - a faked pressure group for the business of undocumented mobiliy - together with [Cross the Border]. But when [Cross the Border] had come apart, Farida Heuck, Manuela Unverdorben and I continued with schleuser.net

 Bundesverband Schleppen und Schleusen - Federal Association for Undocumented Mobility  schleuser.net, 1st International Conference of Human Traffickers, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria

Homepage schleuser.net


radiostudio.org was a collaborative platform for radio art and radio related netart and activism. radiostudio.org operated an M2M-media for audio streaming (sometimes also video), first ogg and real, later on mp3 in different bandwidths.

 Screenshot radiostudio.org  Screenshot radiostudio.org

There is still a mailing list: studio-b11(at)radiostudio.org or alternative adress: studio-b11(at)googlegroups.com See also: Experimental Radio and Teaching

As a brief documentary: radiostudio.org

If link above won't work retry: radiostudio.org

A draft which may achieve a feasible radiostudio.org follow-up.

Imaginary Border Academy

 Imaginary Border Academy - Wallpaper by Ralf Homann

The Imaginary Border Academy (L'Académie de la frontière imaginaire) was initiated at the third Artivistic gathering in Montreal, 25-27 October, 2007. It is our aim to provide copyleft pedagogical resources for engaging all forms of borders.

Imaginary Border Academy Homepage

The Better Think Tank Project

 Capitalist Ball formerly known as Liberty Ball formerly known as Capitalist Ball

The Better Think Tank Project is a collaboration with Manuela Unverdorben, dealing with the conditions of cognitive capitalism and to think about think tanks.

Crossing Munich

Crossing Munich was an transdisciplinary research based exhibition project on the history of migration in Munich, a collaboration between the City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität LMU Munich, political activists and artists. Crossing Munich focused on the autonomy of migration.

 Munich - A Foto by Tsakmaki Family

The Tesla Time Machine

A collaboration with Manuela Unverdorben

“The second incident we found when browsing through recently declassified CIA archives. An evidence of testing the “Tesla Time Machine” (teslin vremeplov) by former Yugoslavian scientiests in the 50s. The machine makes it possible to travel back in history via accelerating the zero point energy and thus passing radio-waves. Even the technical assembly was quite advanced then, with our contemporary skills and possibilities, it was feasible to set up a replica and rediscover radio programs, e.g. broadcasted for partisans.”

See also Sculpture

 Manuela Unverdorben and Ralf Homann  Manuela Unverdorben und Ralf Homann  French philosopher Jacques Rancière listening to the Tesla Time Machine in Bruxelles, Université d'Europe  Star-factor coil, the heart of fomer Yugoslavian Tesla Time Machine CIA document, reporting on former Yugoslavian experiments on Tesla Time Machine in the 50s  Central Resistance and Monitoring Unit of the Tesla Time Machine  Replica of Tesla Time Machine (Detail)


Movements of Migration

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